Why should every bank go for the BCEAO reporting automation ?

  • The report complexity has become critical since May 2016, when the BCEAO added sub-agents detailed reporting to what was already a nightmare to produce manually.
  • Because it has no added value for the bank and is very time consuming !!!
  • Because the risk for manual errors is between 30% and 100% depending on the platform.
  • The processing clearly requires a database technology to be performed.
  • The challenge is now: Would you still like to spend 6 weeks every 4th week to produce poor quality reporting while you can now do it error-free online in 22 seconds ?!

How do I change the system configuration: i.e. Emails, Names, AIX, Comms. Percentages, etc. ?

  • Log-in and go to Settings.
  • Click on Download to get the EXCEL configuration file you can edit.
  • Do your changes accordingly (see documentation) and Upload your config back in the same Settings section.

Are the demo data real ?

  • YES, the demo data are from a real bank in terms of formats.
  • Nevertheless, all the figures, names and personal info contained in the reports have been changed or intentionally crypted to produce safe-to-use demo material.

How do I get valid demo data in order to test the 1-INPUT part ?

  • Use the red button (Auto-load demo data) in section 1-INPUT
  • Or follow these instructions:
    • Go to section 3-RESULTS
    • Pick-up any past result
    • ZIP and Download 1-INPUT-BACKUP folder

Is the remittance Monthly Reporting app the only feature available?

  • We can basically address ALL your remittance department data processing issues. Be it reconciliations, compensations, accounting, consolidations, dashboards, …
  • Any kind of reporting is basically possible: this remittance portal is just an example of what can be achieved.
  • One could easily imagine some similar apps for other departments of the bank: i.e. automatically generating consolidated Financial Statements is easily feasible.
  • Our highly customizable solution evolves according to your needs.

What does the name KPAX stands for?

  • Among other meanings, KPAX stands for Kit for Processing Any eXel document.

What is the KPAX technology all about?

  • KPAX is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform which can take ANY type of file as input: eXcel, or CSV, SQL perform ANY type of transformation or processing, and generate ANY type of output.
  • Any kind of EXCEL reporting is basically possible with ease, with KPAX: The remittance portal is just an example of what can be achieved: Our technology is thus – not limited- to the financial industry sector.
    i.e. Telecoms for example could also benefit from
  • KPAX applications are customized according to the customer’s needs and usually developed within days.
  • At heart of KPAX are also disruptive reconciliations algorithms operating even without unique references. SWIFT, GIM UEMOA, ATM are all supported.

How is my data safe on your remittance portal? How do you implement security?

  • We use standard SSL security protocol to transport your data securely in and out of our KPAX virtual machines hosted on AMAZON EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing).
  • Each customer has a reserved and dedicated instance of the KPAX server to store its own data.
  • For even more safety, you can decide to delete all your data from the server, right after processing, after you have safely downloaded your results on your local desktop computer.

What are the advantages of the software as a service (SaaS) solution you propose?

  • Reduced time to benefit
  • Lower costs: small monthly rental fees only
  • Scalability and integration
  • Easier upgrades and maintenance

Can your solution be installed within the bank network as an intranet?

  • YES, the KPAX remittance server can be installed as part of your existing hardware infrastructure and administered remotely by our KPAX engineers.
  • Note that this has additional cost compared to the cloud (SaaS) solution.

Which technology has been used for development?

  • KPAX REMITTANCE portal has been developed using the latest open source and WEB technologies: HTML5, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, C/C++
  • The underlying KPAX server operates on LINUX.

Which cloud service provider do you use?

  • We use dedicated virtual LINUX servers from AMAZON EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) technology, we can therefore guarantee 24H service availability.
  • All the backup and recovery standard procedures are thoroughly implemented.

How can I get support ?

  • You can contact us on support@kpaxweb.com from 8am – 6pm working hours

How can I get maintenance services ?

  • You can send us your request via support@kpaxweb.com and our developers will look at it.

What are the next steps in case of interest ?

  • Drop us a line with your detailed project: i.e. No. of Platforms, Sites, Applications, etc.
  • Be prepared to send us your data for one month activity and ready to fill a remittance EXCEL configuration file.
  • We will get back to you with an estimation on implementation time, generally under 48H/72H !

Is there a FREE trial period available?

  • YES, you can get your first automated remittance monthly reporting done for FREE !

Is the demo reflecting the real product I will get when I subscribe ?

  • YES, you literally get access to all existing features in live conditions. What you see is really what you get, response time included !

How is your solution priced?

  • We follow the SaaS business model based on monthly rental fees.
  • The rental amount depends on the number of money transfer platforms you are using (WU, MONEYGRAM, …) and the number of sub-agents you have. i.e. (number of AIX for western union)
  • Check out our official price list here.